SportsTracker 3.3.0

Record your sporting activity and track your results


  • Works with as many sports as you want
  • You can see all important data at a glance
  • Keeps track of your results and generates statistics


  • You can't export statistics


I must admit I'm not the sporting type, that is, if Wii Sports doesn't count as sport. But for those of you who like practicing all sorts of sports, this is the tool you're looking for.

SportsTracker helps you manage all the elements relating to the sports you practice: from the kind of sports to the amount of time dedicated to each one of them on a daily basis, including also results and distance as applicable to each kind of sport. Being based on Java, the program features a very simple, straightforward design which makes it handy and easy to use.

SportTracker's calendar-style interface enables you to check all the relevant information at a glance, plus has a series of statistics tools that can generate very complete reports and graphs according to your results. Surprisingly enough there's no way to export those reports to any format.

If you practice many different sports, you'll find in SportTracker the perfect companion to organize your practicing schedule and keep track of your results.

SportsTracker is an application for people which want to record their sporting activities. It is not bound to a specific kind of sport, the user can create categories for all sport types such as cycling, running, swimming or tennis.

The main advantage is a good overview of your exercises and you can easily create diagrams and statistics for specific time ranges and sport types.

All the application data is stored in XML files. So it should be easy to access it with other tools or to write importers and exporters for other applications.



SportsTracker 3.3.0

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